Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Workshop

Well, here's my little hand-work and do feel free to drop me some comment. Your feedback is highly appreciated !!! So please do support me... thank you and have a nice day :)

Tri-Mallows Collections !!
Some clothes for our cool-gadget, mobile phone, to be put on...Ideal for folks out there who wished to have something different !! 100% handmade with quality knitting yarns, unique and can be tailored to match your own personality.

Marshmallow (GP 001)
Out of Stock!!

Creamy Mallow (GP 002)
Out of Stock!!

Raspberry Swirl (GP 003)

Width: 6.0-7.0cm Height: 11.5-12.5cm (Lay Flat)
*Fits up to model SE800i (Knitting yard is stretchable)

*I do custom made this collection for other cool gadget as well (cameras, ipod, PDA, etc). Drop me a message to discuss further *wink*

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