Monday, May 11, 2009

Warmth of Love

A nicely knitted scarf with sweet colour combination can be used as outfits matching, keeping you warm and making you stand out from the crowd!! It's a perfect gift for special someone as well to keep them warm all the time by showing your Warmth of lovely~~~

Specially customized for Fia and her special someone~~!! *wink wink*
Thanks Fia~~~ XOXO!!!

W.A.R.M.T.H. O.F. L.O.V.E

For special Him (GP033)

For special Her (GP034)

For Him:- Width: 12 cm Length: 1.0 meter (Lay Flat)
For Her:- Width: 12 cm Length: 1.30 meter (Lay Flat)

Do drop me a message for a special colour customization ^.^